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What is a breast reduction?

A Breast Reduction, or Reduction Mammoplasty, is a surgical procedure designed forwomen who suffer significant symptoms resulting from large, heavy breasts. Common symptoms include back and neck pain, difficulty with exercise, bra strap grooving, and rashes underneath the breasts. The goals of a Breast Reduction are toreduce individual symptoms, enhance self-confidence, and improve overall quality of life. In fact, many studies show that a Breast Reduction has the highest patient satisfaction rate of any procedure in Plastic Surgery.

During a Breast Reduction, excess tissue is removed, the nipple-areolar complex is elevated, the size of the areola is reduced, and the overall breast is re-shaped. A breast lift is always a part of this procedure. The degree of tissue to be removed and the position of the nipple help to determine which type of reduction pattern will be performed. In general, either a “lollipop” (i.e. Vertical) or “Anchor/Inverted-T” (i.e. Wise-Pattern) scar pattern will be utilized. Our surgeons will review the specificsof each scar pattern with patients at the time of consultation and once a thorough breast examination has been performed.

Liposuction is commonly performed as part of our breast reductions in order to shape the outer portion of the breast and assist in tissue removal.

Am I a candidate for a Breast Reduction?

Any patient who suffers symptoms related to the large size of their breasts is a candidate for this procedure. Some insurance companies do cover this procedure but specific requirements and criteria can vary between carriers. It is best to check with your individual insurance provider to learn more specifics on this.

What can I expect with this surgery?

The procedure itself is performed in our outpatient surgical facility using a general anesthetic. This is a same-day procedure, meaning patients will be released to a responsible care-giver once all discharge criteria have been met. There are no drains left during this procedure, and we provide each patient with a post-surgical bra for use in the post-operative period. All stitches used during this procedure are dissolvable and do not need to be removed. Patients are allowed to begin showering2-3 days after the procedure once they have been evaluated for their first post-operative visit. Weight lifting restrictions of 10lbs per side are implemented for a total of 4 weeks after surgery. Most patients will return to work 7-10 days after their procedure.

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