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Repair is never as good as prevention, particularly when it comes to skin care products. Tap into your skin’s own self-protective powers 24 hours a day with NIA24. This patented micro-nutrient delivery system brings a continuous release of Niacin to your skin. Outside, your skin’s barrier is restored and signs of damage dramatically reversed. MicroNutrient Delivery allows ingredients known to be beneficial to your skin to go beyond topical application penetrating your epidermis in a slow, continuous-release, allowing time for the molecules to bio-convert to its working form.

NIA24 products are available at our clinic, including: NIA24 Cleansing Crème, NIA24 Cleansing Scrub, NIA24 Skin Strengthening Complex, NIA24 Intensive Recovery Complex, NIA24 Eye Repair Complex, NIA24 Sun Damage Prevention 100% Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30 and NIA24 Rapid Exfoliating Serum.


Topix Glycolic acid helps to gently slough, or exfoliate, the dead cell layer which manifests fine lines and uneven skin tones. When the dead cells of the skin’s most outer layer are removed, newer, fresher skin is revealed. With continued use, the appearance of fine lines seems to fade, and clearer, more supple skin is achieved.

Glycolic acid belongs to the group of alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs). Glycolic acid is found in sugar cane, and has the smallest molecular size of all AHAs. Therefore, it is believed to penetrate the skin more easily than other AHAs, thus providing the greatest benefits to the skin when compared with other cosmetically-used AHAs.

Topix products are available at our clinic, including: Topix Gentle Cleansing Lotion, Topix Glycolic Elite 10% Cleanser, Topix Glycolic Elite Cleansing Pads 15% and Topix Glycolic Facial Elite Cream 15%.

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Please note that plastic surgery results can vary for different patients. Every patient is a unique individual and every surgery has unique aspects. Therefore no two surgical procedures will get the exact same results - even if patients are fairly similar and even if the procedures are performed by the same Plastic Surgeon.

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