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Breast Surgery
Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation with Implants in Seattle, WA

Throughout the ages, beauty has been defined by the values of each society and popular trends often evolve. In western culture during the 1890’s, large breasted women with small waists were envied. The “flapper” era of the 1920’s popularized slim bodies and very small breasts.

Because body type is often determined by genetics, many women cannot achieve the look they want through diet and exercise alone. Today, modern technology has given women the ability to alter their body shapes to be more pleasing. Some with small, underdeveloped breasts may choose to undergo breast augmentation, a safe and effective surgical procedure designed to improve the contour of a woman’s body by inserting breast implants beneath the breast tissue.

Types of Breast Implants

There are many types of breast implants, but the most common type is saline. Saline breast implants are filled with a sterile salt water solution that is similar to normal human milk. Saline breast implants are generally considered to be more natural than silicone and saline-filled silicone implants because they mimic the appearance of a woman’s own breast tissue. They can also be smaller and easier to place than silicone breast implants. However, saline breast implants have some disadvantages. For example, they may leak more easily than silicone and saline-filled silicone implants, and they may degrade over time.

Silicone breast implants are made from silicone oil mixed with other softening agents like glycerin and dimethicone. Silicone breast implants can help restore a woman’s body’s shape after weight loss or surgery by providing support and creating a slightly rounder shape. Silicone implants are also more durable than saline and may last longer than silicone-filled saline implants. However, there is no consensus about whether silicone-filled saline implants are riskier than other types of breast implants because the long-term safety data for silicone-filled saline implants has yet to be gathered.

Dr.Tony’s famous ‘No Scar’ Breast Augmentation in Seattle!

The concept seems impossible, however, Dr. Tony performs Breast Augmentation that leaves no scars on the breast. In order to accomplish this technique, Dr. Tony specially designed and manufactured specific surgical instruments. These precision tools allow him to expertly insert and position the implant through a hidden fold in the armpit, or axilla.

Virtually every person has lines or wrinkles in the armpit, and these folds make an ideal hiding spot for the incision! This technique avoids placing a scar underneath the breast or on the nipple. Voilà, a scarless breast! After all, why leave scars on the anatomy that we are making more beautiful?

Before Breast Augmentation Surgery

Prior to breast augmentation surgery, a complete medical history is taken to evaluate the patient’s health. A thorough examination of the breasts is done to evaluate the most effective surgical approach. Your surgeon will describe your anesthesia, details of the operation, realistic results that can be expected and the possible risks and complications.

Mammograms or x-rays may be taken as well as photographs. Avoid medications that can cause excess bleeding like aspirin and ibuprofen. Birth control and other estrogen containing hormones may be discontinued temporarily for the same reason. Antibiotics designed to prevent infection will be prescribed for a few days after your surgery.

Breast Augmentation Procedure

Breast augmentation performed in our WA State licensed surgery center. Your surgeon will choose your procedure(s), based on your consultation and desired results. Prior to surgery, premedication to relax the patient is administered and breasts are carefully marked to indicate where incisions are to be made.

Several approaches can be used including incision under the breast in the crease, through the nipple/areola at the dark skin/light skin border, or through a natural wrinkle in the arm pit. If you choose saline implants, they can even be inserted through your belly button! A pocket either under the breast tissue or beneath the chest wall muscle.

A breast implant made of a cohesive semi-solid silicone gel or filled with saline solution, is inserted into the pocket and your final result is refined to achieve the best symmetry. In some cases of breast asymmetry, inflatable breast implants may be used so that your surgeon can adjust the amount of inflation. After your breast implants are safely in place, small sutures are used to close the incisions. Our breast augmentation procedures typically take about an hour to perform safely.

Breast Augmentation Surgery Recovery and Results

Breast augmentation recovery can vary from patient to patient. Depending on the type of implant used and how well you heal, you may experience a range of symptoms. The most common symptom is pain, which is typically experienced during the healing process. Many patients also experience swelling, bruising, and bleeding as they recover.

The timing of your appointment will also affect your recovery. If you have an implant placed immediately after surgery, you will likely be more sore than if you wait six weeks or more before having the procedure. However, you should expect to feel much better soon after your surgery is complete. While some women experience quite a bit of pain after their breast augmentation surgery, most do not. In fact, many women are surprised by how easy it is to get back to normal activities following a breast augmentation procedure!

Breast Augmentation Before & After (by Dr. Tony Mangubat)

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